What are Chogan perfumes?

Chogan, what is it?

Chogan, inspired by the great brands, not counterfeits!

A counterfeit often involves a production process that does not meet any standards and a questionable quality.

Buying a truly counterfeit perfume can be a perilous experience. Counterfeit perfumes being by definition illegal by their counterfeit nature, it is impossible to know how they are made. Often with poor quality or even dangerous ingredients.

Chogan perfumes are not counterfeit.

What is an inspired perfume?

The inspired perfume is an authentic perfume, perfectly legal.

Its composition differs slightly from the branded perfumes it imitates. It is composed by experts in perfumery to get as close as possible to reference perfumes.
For all that the approach is honest, the inspired / generic perfume do not lend to be what it is not! it is created and sold legally following the same quality standards!

How are Chogan fragrances different from the big brand ones?

Very few

The law requires that the molecular structure differs by at least 2% from the original flagrances.

The difference is mainly in the packaging and the way it is sold without millions spent and communication and without the margins of the department stores!

What about quality?

You might be surprised!

Chogan’s inspired fragrances are manufactured under the same strict processes as the brand name fragrances, they meet the same quality standards.

Most of the time, Chogan perfumes are elaborated with the same specialized suppliers as the big brands!

Composition of Chogan perfumes

Chogan perfumes are “perfume extracts”, the highest grade that exists in the world of perfumery with a content of perfume essence of 15 to 30%: this ensures a very good hold on the skin. (for more information, you can read the article dedicated to the question here)

The “eaux de parfums” and “eaux de toilettes” sold as perfume have much lower concentration levels! However, it is often these lower grades that are most common with the big brands!

Pay only the essentials

Chogan Perfumes saves on non-essentials:

  • All Chogan bottles are the same, which allows for significant economies of scale.
  • Chogan perfumes are sold by direct partners, not by department stores: less intermediary, less cost generated
    Chogan does not spend millions on marketing for each product
  • The prices charged on the big brand perfumes must take into account a much higher cost structure! Marketing cost, bottle elaborated only for one perfume, many intermediaries…

Any questions?

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